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Is this laptop worth the price for everyday use?

No it's not worth the price at all.

Dell 7390, 7300, 7490, 7400 laptops in fully working condition for under £150 are far better laptops to buy in every respect.
They have better screens, keyboards, CPU's , RAM, SSD's, chassis, lids. They also come with Windows 10 and 11 Pro licenses built into the motherboard.
Your ownership and usage experience will be far better with one of these used Dells than it would with that toy from Argos.

Here's an example of the sort of deal I'd be spending my money on if I were after a laptop now (for me or a friend):
£130 for a full working Dell 7300.

These Dell premium business laptops would be the joint best on your course as well as the cheapest.
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With a 1.1 gH processor you will be waiting all day to move screens on it. I would never buy anything with the word "Book" in it if I wanted a laptop.
The clue that it it not good is the word "book", it is NOT a laptop.
Buy used rather then new when money is tight like I do.
The speed is usually the clue to any decent laptop and Argos is probably not the best place to buy one as mostly expensive for what they sell.

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