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Bristol or Birmingham

Can someone please help me choose!

I have offers for Politics and Sociology from both Uni of Bristol and Uni of Birmingham.

I know they are very different unis (city/campus), and I dont really have a preference there, and I also know that Bristol is a bit higher up on rankings than Birmingham.

So with the rankings, it makes more sense to go to Bristol. However Birmingham offers a year abroad which I would love to do, and looks good for employers.

Which should I choose!!
Based on your preference for the year abroad, I'd choose Birmingham. If you prefer the course, go there.
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Which course do you prefer - because its that that you will study for the next three years - not the brand name of the Uni.
Look at the optional unis for all years of the course and think seriously about which ones you would choose if you actually went there.

Look on YouTube for Open Day/Campus Tour films for each Uni and each city - where are you going to feel the most comfortable? Think about the reality of living in each place for three years.

Btw - You have until JUNE to make this decision.
Both are great unis. Bristol does attract more of the public school types so be aware. The Birmingham campus is lovely.

As above, perhaps check out the course content. If a year abroad is a 'deal breaker' then go to Birmingham but ask Bristol if they can arrange a year abroad for you before you reject them.
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Looing at the course content is VERY important when you are doing a joint subject degree - how much choice given the usual timetable and other constraints do you actually have in what you can choose?

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