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Manchester V Edinburgh - MPhys or Bsc in four years

I am deciding between two courses of physics, a 4 year bachelors at Edinburgh or a 4 year Masters with a year in Europe at Manchester. No matter where I go I'd do an integrated year abroad.

The reason this is a tough choice is coming down to academics.
Manchester offers this really cool integrated language learning programme where you get taught a little in the host country's language, in preparation for studying abroad.
Edinburgh offers 40 credits in years 1 and 2 of any subject you choose. And the lectures abroad will be in English

My entire uni experience at Manchester therefore will be more intense but more rewarding as I'll come out of it with both a masters and a language fluency.
As opposed to Edinburgh where I'll come out with broader knowledge and a more relaxed experience.

Other factors are the scenery. On that alone I would prefer Edinburgh.
And also mental health, as even though I have no doubts on my academic abilities, my mental health has been known to let me down.
It feels like the decision is whether to prioritise my uni experience, which would make me choose Edinburgh, or the value of what I get at the end, which would lead me to choose Manchester.

Really, I'm asking for any words of advice to help me choose, or if there's any factors I haven't considered in my choosing.

Thank you

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