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Past a level student/teachers please help

Hi there, so I am doing Biology, photography and psychology at a level and have found I am very weak on most of the topics in each of them however I don't have time to go over all of them before my exams. Do I just revise paper 1 or do I revise it all but not in as much detail. Please help with how you would go about this as I need A's lol xx
For psychology - focus on evaluations if that's your weakest point, rank them in a colour system Red, Amber Green. Prioritise the red and go back on amber when you've completed the red topics, and with green just blurt that all out using past paper questions :smile:

Good luck! I do psychology as well - if you ever need a revision buddy to revise with do PM me, I also have the app for Flora that helps with tackling procrastination.

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