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Hi all!
I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with. To summarise, I have always been interested in studying Accounting and Finance at uni. I have 2 main options I could go with here:

Accounting and finance at Durham University OR an online A+F degree from the University of London (directed by LSE) - ( the EMFSS programme).

To be honest, the second option sounds just too good to be true, as all the A+F courses in London require me to have studied A-level maths, which I have not nor intend to do. This particular degree does not require A-level maths and I'm wondering if there's a catch I'm not aware of. I really don't want to leave London for Uni but since all the courses require me to move, I don't have a choice. This of course is not applicable to the EMFSS programme and is the only loophole I could find to staying in London (without A-level maths).

However, I have a few questions regarding the EMFSS programme (Bsc Accounting and Finance):

1) Which degree would be more reputable, the Durham degree or the University of London degree? I ideally want to complete the degree with the best academic reputation.

2) Since the University of London is not actually a University, what University would I have gone to if I completed that degree?

3) What are the annual tuition fees like? Their website wasn't specific.

4) What would the degree certificate look like and how would it differ from an LSE certificate? Would it be looked down upon?

Thank you for reading my post and have a nice day :smile:
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What are your predicted A'Level grades ?

The Durham degree typical offer is AAB but I applied to it, with A*AA, and was rejected with the reason of "highly competitive course"

It turns out that it's one of the courses at Durham that has a massive number of international applicants and, based on admissions statistics (which you can get from the Durham webpages) they massively favour them in terms of offers, 2021,

250 from 410 UK applicants were made offers
610 from 740 international applicants were made offers
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There are lots of accounting and finance courses in London - do none of them appeal?
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Original post by ajj2000
There are lots of accounting and finance courses in London - do none of them appeal?

Which ones? Most of the prestigious ones require a-level maths and that’s not something I have.
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Original post by amanda23
Which ones? Most of the prestigious ones require a-level maths and that’s not something I have.

City or Queen Mary would be among the choices.

I would check the London International course for maths content if you don't have A level maths. They have pretty much no entry requirements but you do have to be able to do the course. Unlike standard UK universities drop out rates are not a concern for the course leaders.
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1) In terms of reputation, both Durham University and the University of London, directed by LSE, hold strong academic standings. However, Durham University's dedicated Accounting and Finance program may provide a more specialized and focused learning experience.

2) Completing the University of London's EMFSS program would mean earning a degree from the University of London itself, as it is a recognized and respected institution.

3) Tuition fees for the EMFSS program at the University of London may vary, and specific details can be obtained from the university's official website or by contacting their admissions office.

4) The degree certificate from the EMFSS program would bear the University of London's name, and while it may differ in design, it would still hold value and recognition in the academic and professional world. The University of London's reputable association with LSE adds to the credibility of the degree.
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Hi I don't think University of Kent require an A Level in Maths - only GCSE level. Also only 50mins from London on the train!

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