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finance or finance and accounting

Which degree is better to study finance or finance and accounting, and why?
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they're about the same

do you want to be an accountant? does the fin/acc degree including qualifying modules? if so, that's better

do you prefer finance? if so, pure fin is better
Hi Alanaj2456

It all depends what job you want to go into in the future. Are you looking to be a qualified accounting, if yes you are more likely to need the accounting and finance degree. However if you are just looking into working in a finance office then just completing the finance degree. Also it depends on what modules you would like to complete as one degree might have modules which you dont think will be helpful for your job in the end. This is something to do if you are unsure on what u would like to go into in the end after you have finished your degree.

It will also depend on which university u apply for as some will only do a accounting and finance degree which is what we offer at UCLAN where i have just finished studying at.

Good luck with your decision 😀😀😀

3rd Year Accounting and Finance
Original post by alanaj2456
Which degree is better to study finance or finance and accounting, and why?

Hi there!

Everyone has given you very good advice, but I just want to add that your aspirations are not always the same after completing a degree. Therefore, an accounting and finance degree will give you more reach into other industries compared to a finance one.

Hope this helps!

Accounting and Finance BSc

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