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Coal Industry Act 1987

Hi, I’m a retired coal miner; I’ve spent months looking for The Coal Industry Act 1987 (3) section 7.
The first line of Section 7 originally read as “The Secretary of State has overarching control over Superannuation and pension” this wording has recently been changed it has been left out. All links that point the 1987 Act directs to the altered version. There is nothing in the current version that suggests that the Secretary of State has overarching control or that this wording has been changed.
Can any student point me to a place where I can read the version I read many months ago here’s the government website and link:
Oops can’t paste the info here so the search term is Coal Industry Act 1987. We are looking at Section 7 of that Act.
Many thanks in advance for any help.

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