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Recommendations for courses covering all design fields?

Hi, I am in a tricky situation. I am now nearing the completion of my A-levels and I had full intentions to go study fine art or graphic design at ulster university this upcoming year. It's been a while since I submitted my UCAS and now I have changed my mind about my future career. I know that I want to be a designer and recently am considering UX design or Product Design.

I just wish that I could do it all over again and am so disappointed with myself and my uni application choices. I now want to study a course that allows me to keep my options open so that I can enter web design, UX design, graphic design and product design. Any recommendations about courses that cover all these fields?

If I cannot change my course or get a new one through clearing I have intentions to take a gap year.
Take a gap year and study a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design and reapply

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