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Deferring 4 uni exams for summer

I am a law student ,during January exams , my grandad passed away which was very hard for me and as a result I deferred some exams. However I’m getting quite worried i don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it . My exams have been deferred till summer .Any advice would greatly be appreciated
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As they have been deferred through the extenuating circumstances system, the resits will be classed as your 1st attempt and marked uncapped. For this reason, you should do your utmost to attain a pass grade, even if it's in the 40% banding.

Should you not pass any of them, you will be given a 2nd attempt which will be capped at 40% anyway, but depending on your uni rules, you may have to repeat the modules concerned and you may not be able to progress to the next level. So, again, another reason to try and get through this year.

I think you need to take some urgent local advice from the SU and your Personal Tutor so that you fully understand what the regs are.

If you decide to go for it, we can help here with devising a revision stragegy.

Try to find out when exactly the exams will take place, so that you can begin to prepare a revision timetable.

Try to balance your time between the different modules, but try to spend more time on the area that you feel least confident about or which is weighted more.

If there are any areas which you feel particularly unsure about (don't quite understand or are confused about) then try to reach out to a friend or a lecturer now rather than waiting closer to the time when they might not be available.

Look after yourself: keep your revision manageable (take breaks, get fresh air, get exercise, eat and sleep well).

Do reach out for support if you need to do. Grief affects everyone differently.

Stay positive and try to give yourself something to look forward to after the exams are finished. This will help with motivation.

All the best,

Oluwatosin 2nd year student University of Huddersfield

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