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Failed Module in Nursing

I am currently in my third year. I had failed my second year due to failing a component to a module which was an OSCE. Therefore, I have no resit year left. I am working on revising for a resit on the Numeracy test that comes with the Safemedicate exam. I passed the Medication part (100/100). But I am, and always have been very poor at numeracy and this year we have to achieve 100/100 on both in order to graduate, essentially. Even though I am attending Maths tutoring through university, and working hard, I am still failing on certain questions and I am beginning to doubt whether I will pass at all.

My question is basically this: If I fail this numeracy test again, what will happen to my degree? I have read numerous posts about other students in the same position as me, who have wasted 3/4 years of their lives trying to be a nurse, to be failed and given some sort of health care degree which you can't even register to the NMC with... I feel like because this Maths test is a test, that comes in another test, which is a component to a module, I might have a leg to stand on during an appeal (if it came to that). But my issue is like what even is the next step? University have been vague to say the least, and tell me to "try my best" or that I'm "catastrophising", when I am not, I am just trying to explore my options and look at a potential plan B if there is one.

I work on the bank for the mental health trust I am supposed to be graduating in to, and I would feel mortified if I had spent the last 4 years training to be a qualified MHRN and didn't get it because I had failed a file, within a file (that's the only way I can describe it without it becoming confusing).

University have told be that I would have to self-fund in order to resit the Numeracy part of Safemedicate again, but at this point I'm already in 60-70k worth of debt, and because I only work part-time, I would definitely not be able to afford to do that, and, to be honest, I wouldn't bother.

I was just wondering, what even are the next steps here? Am I wasting my time even trying?
I am in the exact same position. i wish you luck, its crushing to think about

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