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Is my driving instructor too harsh or is this normal?

So my driving instructor teaches well and she knows all the routes but she can be so strict and rude, she'll shout at me for clearance and if i give way to other cars or just things like if i slow down to be careful. If i make a small mistake she'll just carry on finding other mistakes and it honestly kinda stresses me out but idk if it's because i'm being too sensitive. She will full on have a go at me if someone emerges out when they shouldn't saying its because i didn't go fast enough and then complain i'm not slowing down.
I got a new driving instructor about 5 weeks ago (my first one became unavailable), and at first I did think his instructing was quite direct and strict, which I did find a bit stressful. When we weren't driving he explained things easily and slowly, but I thought that it is quite important for the instructor to be strict when driving, because it is potentially dangerous. It does sound like the instructor is being a bit scolding, but if those are issues are as important as the instructor says they are, then I would just ask my instructor to fully explain how they want you to do something, so you know for next time (rather than the instructor telling you off for doing what you thought was right)
Well seems about right for your instructor, I wouldn't know how long you've had your lessons for so I can't tell how much experience you've had on the road.

Yes the instructor is scolding a little bit, but as far as I can see she is trying to keep you safe and aware of your surroundings. The clearance is a bit different as with different size vehicles the clearance won't be obvious unless you sit in the passenger sit.

My instructor was on his phone or tablet most of the time when I was using his car as he knew I would pass first time.

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