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hi all

I applied for the Southampton university officer training corps just before 2022 a level results day and I found out that on results day I would have to wait 12 months before starting training due to I had only just come off my ADHD medication in June. I had to be off for 12 months as stated on the pre-medical.

i am reapplying for SUOTC in august , ever since I was informed by a friend of mine that he discovered on the UOTC medical exam that he had heart issues I have become worried for some reason even tho my brother is currently an officer cadet at RMAS and formally was in EUOTC,neither of my parents and my family for that matter have underlying heath issues , heart conditions etc
if someone was to please inform me on what the medical is like etc that would calm myself down
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It's a full service medical and is explained in the video at the bottom of this link:

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