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Finances and PGCE

Hi all. I'm aware this might not apply to most as i am a mature student with two young children. I am starting a Psychology PGCE in September
I am hoping to get some advice from other parents in the same situation.

I am really worried about paying my youngest daughters nursery fees. I will be getting the childcare grant but they still leaves £700 for me to pay. I think they stop all of your UC benefits when you get a maintenance loan so i have absolutely no idea where I will find this money.
As well as childcare i obviously have personal household bills, food for my family and clothes for my children etc. I am a single parent and already struggle immensely
The subject I am teaching is.not eligible for the 27k bursary and no scholarships.

Does anyone have any advice whatsoever- any grants/charities that may help out single mothers etc.

I am so worried and feel so selfish for putting my daughters through even more struggle but I am ultimately doing it for the greater good to finally get a good income for them:frown:
First of all, as you have a child you will remain entitled to UC regardless of the maintenance loan. See this link:

The loan (not grants) will be divided by the number of Assessment Periods the course covers over the academic year, you’ll then get an extra £110 a month disregard. Yes, your UC may be lower and so you aren’t entitled but it’s worth pointing out that in some cases you can still claim.

Please be aware that mistakes from UC happen regularly when deducting the appropriate amount of loans, students and benefits don’t really ‘mix’ well but is still do-able.

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