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A level subjects- drop it or keep it

I'm currently doing four subjects at A level - chemistry, biology, maths and computer science. I want to apply for computer science in uni. I wanted to ask if taking four subjects has any impact on uni applications. I'm finding it hard to keep up with four subjects. I've recently come to realize how intense A levels can get and all four of my subjects are heavy ones. I think I would find it easier to manage if I had three subjects but at the same time, I feel attached to all four subjects.
If I'm ever dropping one, it would be chemistry but I don't know if I should or if I should just carry on and try my best to get good grades.
I know that it can give you more UCAS points but it would also be more than neccessary number of points if I manage to get As or A*s in all subjects. What would be the wise thing to do? Drop a subject or carry on with it? I really dont see myself doing anything with chemistry in uni. I also have a plan to self study AS further maths as it is highly encouraged to do so for a comp science degree.
if you're aiming for As and A*s, UCAS points will be no factor for you, any university would ask for the letter grades. Would recommend setting it aside on your mind because e.g. ABB and AAC (and especially even more lopsided grade combinations with a mix of very low and very high grades) may well not be viewed the same in admissions despite having the same point value. Universities might impose specific policies on near-misses like not accepting lower than x grade in a certain subject regardless of the others as well, and so on.

Aside from very specific exceptions (Cambridge Natsci, Warwick Maths are the two that come to mind), the only reasons to take 4 A-levels are because you enjoy your fourth subject or you want some insurance for a bad exam. (giving possibly two chances at the third grade in your offer) Fourth A-levels don't really give a direct advantage in admissions since universities are aware that not everyone can do 4. If your fourth subject is too weak to act as a backup (or indeed the wording of your eventual offer excludes this possibility by saying you need to get certain grades in certain subjects) and you don't particularly enjoy it, I would say you can drop it without losing out on anything.
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