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Break-sickness-not complete course

Hi Gyus. I have quite unusual question. 1 have complete 2 Full years at university, but I need 100 Credits in order to have a degree. I did not complete course as I had to stop it due to health reasons. I have already used 3 years of student finance. It was in 2019. I now wonder if there is any way I could obtain my degree as I feel better. What clukd I do? Thank you.
You could request a Diploma of Higher Education from.your uni, that covers the 240 credits at levels 4 and 5. Then you could use that to get onto a top up degree which will give you the 120 credits at L6. You could also look at the Open University to see if you can pick up the L6 credits that way. Not sure about the student finance implications.

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