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I have 13 refer-defer assignments to complete

I have emailed everyone and their grandma about this, basically I fu**d up my foundation law cause yes I feel like **** but one must prevail.. from balancing mental health, getting used to a new city, a full time job etc I basically did no assignments my whole foundation year of law now from my understanding and my understanding being limited due to the bureaucracy of the way everything is set out, FROM MY UNDERSTANDING I must complete 13 assignments by mid f**king july, this isn't impossible of course but as I didn't do anything for my foundation year, I am starting from scratch trying to teach myself "what the **** does LOVE mean in sociology bullllsH*t" TO conclude: I f**cked up, I know AND im paying the price but has anyone been in the same predicament as me. There are a couple options going through my head

1. Complete all assignments 13 of them

2, re-take the year

3. change course

The thing is i dont really wanna change my course I made friends there and bonds

Your university will be working through its processes, the first of which is to offer you a standard resit package for the summer. What happens next, if you don't complete them, will depend on the specific academic regs at your uni, so the first thing you need to do is check them out or speak to someone who knows them inside out.

I'm actually quite shocked that you were able to get through the whole year without doing any assessments. Did the uni not attempt any interventions via student support, your personal tutor, etc?

As you acknowledge yourself, completing 13 assessments in the next two weeks is not a realistic proposition. However, it might be possible to submit some, though you would have to be quite strategic.

You really need to engage with your personal tutor, programme leader and any support staff within the uni for proper advice.

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