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Deciding on a computer science BSc

Hi, I am an international student going to study in the UK in September, and I currently have two offers for a Computer Science BSc from the University of Liverpool and Newcastle University. I am looking for advice from students who are familiar with the computer science courses at either of these universities, and I would like to know which one I should choose for my studies. Specifically, I am interested in the differences between the courses and the quality of teaching, from a student's perspective. Additionally, I would like to know about the social environments for international students and how easy it is to make friends at both universities. Also, anything else that you feel might be good for me to know about the course or either of the universities to help me make my decision would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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Hi there! Good luck with researching your university options. There are plenty of resources and people who can offer some tips to help out with your decision.

In regards to the Computer Science courses at both universities, Liverpool is widely known as having one of the best Computing Schools in the UK. Newcastle University also has a strong reputation for Computer Science. Many courses at both universities will include software engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data structures, algorithms and more. You should take into consideration the modules offered, the assessment criteria and whether industry placements or international experience is included.

The quality of teaching from a student's perspective can vary between universities. Speak with current or past students at each university to get their perspectives. Look up reviews and ratings online for more information.

Both universities also have a great social atmosphere and offer a range of activities for international students. Since Newcastle is known for its student nightlife, you should look into the student societies here and the services offered by the university for international students. Liverpool has its own large student union, and provides many sports and social activities. There are also plenty of interesting museums, galleries and events taking place in the city.

When it comes to making friends, both universities have a diverse student body so it won't take long to make friends. There are plenty of clubs and societies you can join or you can even find a good flat and socialize with your flat-mates(hostel).

Finally, you may want to think about other factors such as distance to home/the cost of living, accessibility to healthcare and any parent/guardian’s opinion (if applicable).

Good luck in making your decision!

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