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Going to uni at 24 - need some advice


I will be going to university this September 24. Is this too old to be a normal student i.e. going clubbing etc?

I don't think I look much older (if any) than a 18/19 yr old and still have the same interests and lifestyle. Also, I was wondering how would the whole socialising and dating scene work.

Thanks in advance
24 isn't much older than the rest of the people going. Remember there are lots of people older than you going! Your uni experience won't be much different to the 18 and 19 year-olds going, so don't worry.
i would find people around age 24 to go to clubs with :smile:
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It’ll be fine. You’re not significantly older and no one will notice probably or care. It’s also an advantage emotionally being a few years older, I went at 21 and coped better than some of my course mates. Clubbing is overrated, dating works like everywhere else, other than uni is an enjoyable but somehow claustrophobic environment to find a partner

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