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epq in year 13

Hi, if i start an EPQ in year 13, how can I write about it in my personal statement? is there even any point? I want to apply for oxbridge and the deadline is october.
Hi, I'm in year 12 and only just started my epq and will be doing the bulk of it in the summer and September. But even if you haven't done much of your epq by the time you come to writing your Personal statement, you could still talk about your epq if it's related to the course you want to take (if not then probably don't mention it). The admissions people want to see that you're interested in the subject you want to study and that you've explored/done further research into that subject, so if you can link your epq into a chain of research and further reading etc that explores your interest in your subject then I would say you should include it (even if it's just the title at that stage, I think the fact that you are showing interest in researching it could improve your personal statement).
I'm not an expert on personal statements but I hope this helps :smile:

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