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Don’t think my friends treat me well

So to start off we are a trio…I have heard the stereotypes about these friendships not lasting, but I honestly thought we were fine.

1. I have recently noticed that one of my friends screensaver is a picture of two of them without me. It’s probably not a big deal but we have plenty of photos together.

2. I suggested months ago about going to a music festival and they agreed it was a good idea. I then suggested we plan things on six separate occasions (I was literally saying this is the bus i’m getting, so I had planned everything). I also asked multiple times if they still wanted to go and to be honest if they had changed their minds but they still said they wanted to go.

The month before the festival we went out and I was honest and told them I was sick of trying to arrange things when I get nothing in return. They said they were sorry but since I didn’t want to arrange it anymore, we didn’t go.

3. This then leads me to my current dilemma. So my friends sister has managed to get four tickets to see Taylor swift, she’s taking her friend and said we could have the other two seats. So since we are a three, I have automatically been cast a side. Admittedly, I don’t listen to Taylor as much as I used to but I still wanted to go.

Sorry for the way I set this out but they were like separate occasions and I didn’t really know how to write it. Do you think i’m being unreasonable for feeling bad about our relationship recently?
Talk to them about your feelings.
It could be just coincidences and they may simply not know you are feeling this way.
I have seen this movie before.
Talk to them and make them know this, your emotions, and take a break from them.
If it still persists even after talking, ditch them, for your own peace.
Good luck.
no girl this was set out perfectly clearly. sorry youve been going thru this. not unreasonable at all. you should go to the concert defo. i would ask someone else to go with you, or if u prefer one of your current friends to the other, ask one of them. i would try to branch out more in school etc and look for people with common interests. you deserve better enjoy the concert!!

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