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Lent some money out and now I'm feeling betrayed.

When it comes to money I'm responsible and I stick to a budget but I've also plan for the worst. Many friends of mine has asked to borrow money from me in the past but I never replied and responded as I don't give out money.

My best friend recently asked if she could borrow £40.00, she told me she pay it back in 7 days once she got paid, I don't know why as I never lend out money, but I said yes.

7 days later she paid me back £20.00, she said some stuff came out and will give me the other half next Monday (this was last Monday). I asked her, she didn't reply until Tuesday. I also noticed she turned of her read receipt on WhatsApp. On Tuesday I asked her for my money and when I sent the message she had just gone online then went offline.

She said later that day I would be getting £10.00 next Monday (this Monday) and £10.00 next Tuesday (Today). I texted her yesterday on WhatsApp asking for an update. She sent me a message with a screen shot of her bank account, I don't know why and didn't know only IOS devices could do this as I'm an android user.

I saw the photo and she spent £10.00 at McDonalds yesterday and she spent some money on other places. I said to her I saw she spent money at various places, she didn't reply.

I've messaged her twice today to ask her to put the money back into my account, she still hasn't replied. I'm bothered about this and I feel betrayed as she could have paid me back but she lied about income. This is the first and last time I'm lending money to anyone.

I sent her a message to say I wasn't happy with her. I'm considering ending my friendship with her because I feel hurt and betrayed about the lies she sent about not having money.
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If I lend friends money I see it as a gift and a bonus if I get it back. Otherwise it can ruin the friendship.
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When you lend money there’s always some doubt if you’ll get it back. Although she’s hasn’t behaved well, it’s only £20, let it lie and see if she does the right thing. You can either end the friendship or just never lend to her again

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