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In the maze of my feelings, I feel lost,
Trying hard to explain, at what cost.
I find it tough to trust, feeling weak,
People see me strong, but inside I'm meek.

Behind my smiles, there's a hidden storm,
Yet I pretend to be funny, to keep warm.
Betrayed by those I thought were friends,
I wonder why such hurt never ends.

Loneliness creeps in, especially at night,
In a world full of people, I still feel slight.
Anger builds up, but I keep it low,
I don't want to hurt, even though.

Some call me cold, but that's not true,
I'm just sensitive, like morning dew.
Alone in my struggles, with no one near,
The one I love doesn't see my tear.

My life's a story, with pain inside,
But when I try to talk, it turns into a ride.
People think I'm okay, but they don't know,
The hurtful words cut deep, though.

I long for connection, in this world so wide,
But it seems everyone's got their own tide.
When I try to share, it's met with a fight,
So I keep my feelings hidden, out of sight.
In every story, I'm just a fleeting page,
A passing chapter, a moment's stage.
I play my part, then fade away,
As others' tales continue, day by day.

I'm a footnote in their lives, a brief encounter,
A character they meet, then quickly venture.
My story ends, as theirs go on,
In the grand tapestry of life, I'm just a pawn.

But though my presence may be brief,
In the stories of others, there's a belief.
That even as I exit, stage right,
My impact lingers, in the shadows of night.

For though my story may end, in every book,
I've left an imprint, with each passing look.
In the hearts of those I've touched, I'll forever stay,
A chapter remembered, long after I've gone away.
In the depths of my being, I harbor a storm,
A tempest of emotions, yet I appear calm.
Trust is a fragile thread, easily frayed,
I guard my heart, keeping it safely arrayed.

I wear a mask of strength, a facade so bold,
Yet inside, I'm a soft soul, yearning to be told.
Loneliness grips me, its tendrils tight,
In a sea of faces, I feel alone in my plight.

Betrayed by those I called friends, a wound so deep,
I question why such betrayals I must keep.
I cry in silence, unseen tears that flow,
For the pain I carry, only I truly know.

Anger simmers beneath the surface, a fiery blaze,
Yet I hold back, lest I cause a disarray.
Though I may seem cold-hearted, distant and aloof,
I cherish the feelings of others, guarding them like a roof.

I've hurt in my anger, lashed out in pain,
Yet deep down, I care, my intentions not in vain.
I refrain from making others suffer, for I know the sting,
Of being wounded by words, each hurtful thing.

Alone in my journey, with no one by my side,
A love that never grasps the hints I confide.
The friends I once cherished, now seem far away,
Lost in their own worlds, in a different sway.

I long to express the turmoil within, but it ends in a fight,
So I keep it inside, hidden from sight.
When asked about my heart, I fabricate a lie,
For fear of rejection, and the tears it might imply.

People see me as chill, laid-back and serene,
Yet beneath the surface, I'm a turbulent scene.
Their words cut deep, like daggers to my soul,
Yet I persevere, for I am still whole.

In the embrace of nature, I find solace and peace,
A sanctuary where my worries cease.
I understand their perspectives, their point of view,
But sometimes, I wish they could see me too.
Everyday begins with expectations and ends up with disappointment 😞🤡

I wrote a poem type biography or my feelings
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such a striking and heartfelt poem. truly. check out my blog post on 'trading anxiety for assurance.'
i hope this helps: praying for you my dear.
yours faithfully, Faith!
Wow, reading that poem felt like seeing my life reflected back at me. It's amazing how words can capture such deep emotions and experience. Hope you stand strong against all the difficulty in your life.

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