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stagnant water

Hi. I have recently moved into a student house in Woodhouse, Leeds. My room is a basement room. There is a pump under my room to pump out stagnant water but the pump hadn't been working when I moved in. We didn't realise at the time because the weather was nice but now that the weather has started getting worse my room has been flooding. I contacted my letting agency to fix the pump which they have done but the damp/ wetness isn't getting any better. I have a dehumidifier on 24/7 but the wet is only getting worse. Is there anything else I could do? Could I ask for compensation?
Talk to your student union with your rental agreement. They’ll be able to help you understand what your options are and how you can force your landlord to make your room fit for habitation. Depending on your contract and area it may be possible to report your landlord/letting agency to the local council or similar to remove their license.

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