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what to put in a cv when you have literally no work experience

hi i'm a year 12 student moving into year 13, and i am planning to apply for a part-time job despite having no professional work experience. it probably is a really bad time to do this but my mum is struggling by herself, so i am really wanting to do this.

i know there are a lot of videos on how to write a cv, which i have followed, but i feel like it really lacks a lot since i don't have any hobbies bc all i do is revise and do school work. i kinda have a draft already but all i've done is link my skills to my academic life, etc.

so i was wondering if doing housework or like cleaning can be included in my cv? or any kind of non-professional non-work related things which can be included? because i plan to apply for jobs which include tasks for cleaning.

i am just really afraid of rejection but i want this cv to be as close to adequate as possible.
Maybe consider a skills-based CV. This is a type of CV where you detail any experiences by the skills you developed rather than through the jobs you have done. Maybe not cleaning but any type of extra responsibility you have taken on at school. Any volunteer opportunities, prefect or special role you have taken on, any extra curricular activity you have done. All of these things can be used as ways to demonstrate skills you have developed without specific job roles.
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like above use a skill based / fucntional cv.

if job descriptions asks for someone who can work under pressure just write 'Working under pressure' followed by an example which could be from anything like sport club outside school, in school etc.

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