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What is law at University level like and what are most peoples steps after it ?
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What is law at University level like and what are most peoples steps after it ?

Hi @nicesuperlight!

I've currently just completed by first year at Edge Hill University studying law so hopefully I can help answer your questions :smile:

I've really enjoyed studying law at University for many reasons. Firstly, during each year of the degree you are given opportunities to choose what modules you wish to study for that year, so you are able to choose the modules that interest you and what you think may benefit you career wise. I also studied law at A-Level and even though there are similarities between studying law at each level, you are given more in depth answers of the law and the cases that you have to study at Uni which I've found really interesting to learn about.

You learn about several modules during each year and they can all vary, for example during my first year some of the modules that I learned were: tort law, civil law, EU law and Public law, with a couple other extra things too. Most of the modules are very essay based, and will require you to write essays every so often, however, the professors will give you lots of prior notice as to what you need to write about and when it will be due in, and you are given lots of reminders too. In addition, there is a lot of reading that you are required to do, usually at the end of each lecture you will be set a chapter of a specific book to read which will help with answering the questions for your seminars but it is also useful that you try and read other books that you are recommended to get a further understanding of the topic.

In terms of career wise or in ways that you can progress after your degree, there are limitless opportunities for you really. Many people who go into studying law chooses to go into a legal path afterwards such as becoming a solicitor, barrister or a paralegal. However, law degrees are considered to be a really good degree to obtain and many jobs will be interested if they see that you have got a law degree as many skills that you develop whilst studying for this degree can be used in many other jobs.

I have really loved studying law and learning about how the law works in various areas of the law, and there is many ways in which you can use a law degree in the future and if the law is something that interests you then I would highly recommend you research into it and go for it!

I hope this has helped you :smile:

First Year Law Student
Hi @nicesuperlight

I have just finished my second year of law at the University of Kent. It has been really enjoyable and I hope my experience can give you an insight into studying law.

Most Universities' courses consists of mandatory modules and optional modules. Studying law can therefore be really enjoyable with the right choice of modules. Each module will be taught by different lecturers, so the content structure and content can vary largely. For me, I enjoyed modules such as criminal law, EU law and public law. The assignments for law students are mainly coursework that involve writing essays. This requires independent work and good research skills. However, support is often available, such as tips on academic writing skills and research techniques.

It is good to know in advance what type of law you would like to practice in the future (if you decide to go down the legal career path) so you can pick modules that will give you an advantage. However, I am not set on which route I wish to pursue, therefore, having exposure to different types of law such as company law, land law, immigration law will hopefully give a better sense of direction for your future.

As for a career after studying law, most people tend to go down a legal career route. However, there are also many that decide to pursue a different career, and employers are quite welcoming of law graduates as they have gained strong transferrable skills from their degree.

One thing about the legal career is that it is competitive and academic, and this can already be seen in first year of law if you want to get into the top city firms. To gain a good job in the legal field, it is important to get ahead of opportunities such as looking out for any work experience, insight days, vacation schemes (for 2nd year) and training contracts (for 3rd year). For those wishing to become a solicitor, after they graduate, they will have to take the SQE exams and complete two years of qualifying work experience. (I am not too certain on the route to be a barrister.) A law career may be stressful, but it can also be awarding to resolve issues for those in need. Financial wise, a legal career offers quite a good and stable income.

I have enjoyed my experience studying law so far, and I am especially looking forward to my third year as I get to choose all my modules. There have also been many opportunities during my degree, for example: mock court trials and learning negotiating skills. If law is something that intrigues you I would definitely recommend it. I hope this helps. :smile:

- University of Kent Student Rep
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Really struggling with some coursework in Year 1 LLB LAW feeling a little deflated. Would anyone be willing to help me out with some direction.

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