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Why am I so quiet I hate it

I get tired of people, and every time my family plays a game of who is the loudest, they always say I’m last and for some reason I get upset.
I find it so hard to talk on the dinner table when everyone is sat there, especially my dad who doesn’t give me any attention or any chance to speak. I feel like the odd one out. My whole family is extroverted and loud. But when it comes to talking at dinner time, I’m silent for the whole 30mins+ when we are sat there.
I talk individually but I just hate it and want to change.
I get so tired of talking to people sometimes I just don’t know what to say
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Do you have a particularly large family?

Family can be brutal. Survive. Everyone needs someone who is quiet, otherwise the world would be chaos.

You are as you are. Let the loud mouths fight amongst themselves, and be as you are and accept yourself for who you are.

This is your family, and not everyone is out of that same mould - you just need to get out there in the world when you can to believe this.
Sometimes when you don't know what to say to someone it's not your fault, you may feel like they won't understand you or really listen to you. As you describe it, your family seems more like the kind of people who talk without listening to each other and without creating the space for you to participate. You shouldn't need to change yourself, become more extroverted, etc. to be heard... Maybe you should try to talk about that with your family openly.

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