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Should I give my password to my EPQ co-ordinator?

Okay, I know I'm overthinking this but I still want other people's opinions. So, I'm doing an investigation EPQ where I collect personal info using a questionnaire. In my excel spreadsheet of raw data, I do have names/pseudonyms linked to personal data (So if someone emailed me to ask to remove their data, I can easily find their data to remove it), so I have encrypted the file so it can only be opened with a password. This is what I promised in the briefing section of my questionnaire- "Any personal data you give will be stored in a password-protected file".

However, it has occurred to me that my project co-ordinator and more importantly the EPQ moderator will want to look at my raw data. If I give out the password, am I betraying my participant's trust (An ethical issue of privacy and deception), or do I have to give out the password in case the moderator wants to look at it?
You have to give out the password in case the moderator wants to look at it. You said the file would be protected by a password without saying that only you will access it, and it is perfectly reasonable for a small selection of other people to get the password.

-Kao (Lancaster Maths & Stats Student Ambassador)
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Okay, that makes sense. Thank you very much for the reassurance, it's really helpful. I'll do that- I think I can put it somewhere on Project Q, rather than the paper I'm writing, as I think only my coordinator and moderator can access Project Q.

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