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How do I find my UCAS personal Id

I only just made my UCAS account last week to accept my clearing offer and I cannot find my UCAS personal ID and need it to send to my university. And yes, I am aware that I cannot accept my offer til 14:00pm on Thursday. I haven’t received any emails from UCAS to tell me what my Personal ID is so don’t know where to find it.
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No worries, Have you made your UCAS Application already? If you did then go to your dashboard and it should be under the label of your Application " 2023 Undergraduate Application ".
I had to find mine yesterday to open a student bank account, I just searched "UCAS ID" in my emails and found it from when they sent it to me.
Hi @Confusionn

Your UCAS ID is a ten-digit number you receive once you begin your application and it is displayed in the 123-456-7890 format in every email UCAS sends you.

Therefore, the number should be displayed on your UCAS application page.

I hope I managed to help!

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