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Can you study English literature, sociology or maths at uni with BTEC?

Title. So say I did English Literature, Sociology and Maths at AS Level in hopes of studying one of those courses at uni but then dropped them for a BTEC, would I be able to study these subjects at uni with foundation year after a BTEC or even study law at uni with BTEC at college?
Hi @Anony345533,
I can't speak for other unis but at Exeter we accept BTECs for many of our courses. I study BA Sociology (which I love and would recommend, especially if you found the content of AS Sociology interesting!), and the entry requirements for BTEC are currently three distinctions, with no specific subject requirements. This means you wouldn't need to do a foundation year before starting on the course.

If you did have any further questions about the specifics of applying with a BTEC to Exeter, you can use this form to contact the Admissions Office.

Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with :smile:

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