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Kim’s driver training lgv training

Booked course promised dates then cancelled due to instr was sick later found out it was a lie started training said they had depot were I live ,was alie instr I had a bald guy wasn’t a instr but a guy who passed his test 16 months before and not qualified he was a joke always finishing early and always on his phone I paid for 25 hours training but ended up training for 24 no refund when I asked for it I was refused the trainer didn’t care he was going through the motions on rev test ge guild Ed me into to bay and said that’s it you passed kim said I didn’t need to do uncouple couple as I passed the reversing I the. Had to wait for 2 hours before my training started but by the. It was time for next student again I challenged kim and she said we will try day of test I was bm second but I had no warm up the Lance the test was oxford I’d only been there three times the rest was around reading , so failed test my trainer said I will be booked in again next week for retest never recurved and texts emails and mine were never answered went to see kim in reading and she is in her 50s and kept calling me bruv she doesn’t care about retests so she blanks them we had a argue ment and nothing was done very unprofessional made me feel like **** and her trainers said I wasn’t very good , Kim’s driver training I paid for a instructor I got was a guy who just passed his truck test and he’d never driven a truc outside the training school very poor very unknowledgeable and lazy I am now going to a school with proper qualified instructors from Newbury

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