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Predicted grades

Hi I am currently in year 12 and will be in year 13 this September. My predicted grades are BBB (history psychology biology, although I am getting an A in psychology idk why she predicted me a B). We have exams in September/October that can increase our predicted grades. Is it possible for me to be predicted 3 A’s? I’m worried I won’t get the grades for uni/apprenticeships
Predicted grades are entirely at the discretion of your teachers, so yes it is technically possible to be predicted three As. This isn't a general rule for all colleges, but my college were content to predict one grade higher than was achieved at AS (or internal exams, now), so if BBB is what you are achieving currently then three As isn't an unreasonable stretch. However, it benefits no one for your teachers to predict you above what they realistically expect for you, so prepare yourself for these conversations with them. Identify what you think your weaknesses were this year and how you could rectify them. It would be helpful as well if you were to look into the grade requirements of any courses you may wish to apply to, so that you can show these to your teachers to explain the importance of them predicting you higher grades. That said, BBB absolutely would not preclude you from applying to lots of great courses. Have a browse of the UCAS website and see what grades you need to be aiming for :smile:
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