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Switching degree and uni

Hi, I’m going to be studying biomedical science, however, if I feel like I am not enjoying my course, is it possible to switch unis and a degree?
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Ask that Uni for a deferral to 2024 start (just email them and ask).

This gives you some time to think - you can either go with that place next year, or you can drop that and reapply to 5 new Unis/courses in the autumn. Remember that you have until Jan next year to make this 'reapply' decision.

This is FAR better than thrashing about in Clearing and maybe making another possible mistake.
Changing unis, yes! Changing degrees is a bit trickier as it would depend on how different the new course is.

Assuming you have completed 1st year, Unis will usually look for the modules which match directly or very close to the new ones on the new course. If you look for a new preferred course and then contact that uni they will be able to advise if it would be possible to directly switch. You may need to consider starting from year 1 again though.

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