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Do good advanced highers over rule disappointing highers?

Hi, I just got my higher results and I didn't do as well as I was hoping (AABCC).
I am interested in studying economics however many universities are looking for atleast a B at higher in maths (I got a C) or to have achieved AABB or something simmilar in one sitting of highers.
This year I am taking another higher as well as advanced higher Spanish, both of which I hope to perform well in as I achieved an A in higher Spanish.
I am also taking Advanced Higher Maths; this year I have a much better teacher and I am already understanding the course more than last year and am willing to put in lots of work if it means I can get into a good course so hope I will be able to achieve atleast a B.
My question is: if I manage to (hopefully 🤞🤞) get a B in Adv. Higher maths - which i've heard is the equivelant of an A at higher, will I be seen as a competative candidate for good economics courses? or, are my chances over as I did not manage to achieve my desired results in 1 year. (I keep seeing unis mentioning getting the grades ''in one sitting'' and I am still unsure how important this acctually is)

Thanks for any help