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Hi! I am starting a Level 3 Access Course in Criminology in September. I was just wondering if anyone could help me come up with a list of equipment I would need (notepads, laptop, etc.) and anything that you found helpful to get you through the course.
Thank you😁
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I am also starting an access course (in education) in september and would find this useful
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Finished an access course in June.
My top tips:
Decide on a note recording system and stick to it. So use one note pad over all then polly pockets and files, or use a notepad per subject. I ended up keeping everything on my laptop so I didn’t need to buy all the folders and notebooks that I did!
Post it notes
A printer (if your college requires you to submit paper copies of assignments (printing at college used to stress me out)).

Good luck!
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@isilbell Thank you, that's so helpful! I've decided to have a folder for each subject and one notebook for everything so I can take the pages and put them into each folder as and when I need to. This has helped a lot :smile: Thank you again!
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@Miljo06 - There is a comment underneath which might help :smile: Good luck!

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