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Can I do the MAT but apply during November-December?


I'm currently a Year 13 student, set to begin in September. I have a bit of a situation and I'm hoping some of you might be able to offer some guidance.

My predicted grades are an A* in Further Maths and Economics, and an A in Maths (don't ask me how I got an A* in fm and not in maths...). I have the chance to make a difference in my upcoming mocks scheduled for around late November/early December. If I manage to achieve an A* in regular Maths during these mocks, there's a good chance my predicted grade could be bumped up to an A*.

Here's the catch: one of the universities I'm applying to is Imperial College London, and they strongly recommend students interested in pursuing mathematics at degree level to take the MAT (Mathematics Admission Test). The MAT exam date falls on the 19th of October.

My query is: is it possible for me to take the MAT on the 19th of October and then apply to university immediately after I have done my mocks in late November or early December?

Any insights or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help
Hi there.

As you've posted this in the University of Cambridge thread I'll give you some information from our perspective. For an application to Cambridge you must apply via UCAS by the 16th of October, so you would not be able to wait until November or December. If you're applying to Maths we don't required the MAT.

With regards to other universities you should check their application deadlines and contact them directly to find out when you need to apply and when you need to have sat the MAT.

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