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I am a international student. My course is 2 year now i completed my first year.My Totall fee was 1450.I have due 2730 pound.They give me 7 th November as a deadline to pay my due fee.i paid it on 6th November by bank transfer and email them , are they received my money or not.unfortunately in 20th November they replied they didn’t get the fee.Then replied the email with reference number and statement. In the mean time the financial team told ne to wait 10.working days. But i got a email on 5th December from compliance team they inform ukvi on 29th November for withdraw my cas . Then i went my collage and asked financial team about this and show the document that i paid fee on 6th November before deadline. They said they will contact the main branch . i got another email from compliance team in 7th December that my visa canceled and my cas has been withdraw Because of late payment. But i have all document that i paid it before deadline. If there is technical issue this is not my fault. I Don't know what to do!!Why they do this to me.!!THIS is really frustrating moments for me. I asked financial team again they told me, they will let me know update. In the mean time what should i do? What action can i take?
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My deadline was 7 th November. And i paid my due fee in 6th nov before one day of my deadline by bank transfer . And email them i paid my due fee.unfortunately i got a email 20 th November that they didn’t receive my fee.i replied them with my reference number and bank statement. They told me to wait 10 working days.But in 5th december, i got a mail that my cas has been withdraw in 29th November Because of late Payment ! I went collage and talk with the financial team and they said yes they got the fees.i showed them all documents that i paid it before deadline. But there response is ok we will talk with our manager.then 7th November i got also an email that my visa sponsorship has been withdraw.and i have to leave the country and yeah they mantion that there is a inaccurate reference made by payment.but they can't help with this.It may caused by technical issue.i have to leave the country and need to apply again for next intake.
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Have you appealed to UKVI and presented them with evidence that you paid on time?

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