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Computer Science or Physics A level/Degree

I’d like to take either: Maths, FM, History and CS or Maths, FM, History and Physics.

I’m not sure whether to take Computer Science or Physics. I love both but I feel like Physics will give me more understanding and more room whereas Computer Science is more confining. I think I prefer studying over practical work however, I’ve always liked Computer Science and I don’t know if I want to give it up as I still might want to pursue it especially because it opens up a lot of jobs. I still enjoy coding a lot even if I haven’t been doing it as long as some of my classmates.

I know some Physics degrees link in well with computing classes but I am still not sure. I really do enjoy Physics and I think the researching aspect and maths will be fun, it seems more exciting to me than CS. I understand both are hard and I know that I don’t want to do them both. I wondered if anyone could give me any insight into what Computer Science or Physics was like for them at A level or at Uni and what they think I should do?

I am literally completely in the middle, I have no idea.

It’s results day tomorrow and I really want to decide soon before Year 12 gets started too much.
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I just finished my A level I did both CS and physics for a while but ended up dropping CS as I was not as talented in programming. If you have no preference see if your school allow student to take both subject for the first 2 months and then see how it feels. This is also very dependent on what university course you think you might end up studying, physics would obviously be a must for engineering, CS is a must for computer science and recommended for electrical engineering (I think). If you don’t know what uni course you want to do just do which ever subject you think you might get a better grade in cuz that’s what university usually cares about. Final note: Maths, FM links nicely with physics if you pick further mechanics module for FM, pick decision maths for fm for a small link to CS

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