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I’m taking the UCAT at the end of August (applying to dentistry) - and feel like I’ve hit a bit of a plateau. My mocks scores are averaging around 2700 - 2800 w/ band 1 SJT but I’m really looking to push it higher since the unis I want to apply to weight it pretty heavily and tend to have higher cut offs.

Anyone have any advice?? Worst sub-test always seems to be QR
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Hey did the UCAT last year and felt the exact same. Firstly don't stress and as silly as it sounds, take a break. QR would be the section in which you can score the highest if you can train yourself to quickly look for info which would be useful to answer your question, letting the calculator do most of the work, and sometimes even estimating. For QR personally I made use of my working paper as often as possible. Rewriting some key info from the extract (most of the time for questions which involve costs/prices) on paper helped me plan my following steps and actually saved me some time as I was not tempted to look at the given info/extract again when asked to do another calculation (same question different part). If you are using Medify, their QR section tests are a good representation of the actual thing. I was actually predicted around the same (2700-2800) by Medify but exceeded this. The more mocks I tried to complete in a day the lower my average became. Coming close to your test date, the best thing to do is to put yourself through as little stress as possible. Confidence and feeling self-assured would help in doing this. Simply tell yourself I have one shot and will smash it! Good luck and hope this was of some help!

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