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What should I do throughout a-level to improve my chances of getting into Oxbridge?

Hi, I have recently completed my GCSEs with grades 9999999988 and will be beginning my A-levels of maths, physics, FM and computer science next week. My dream is to get into Oxbridge (preferably Oxford) and study maths/physics at degree level. I have heard that it is not only about getting good grades but also doing extra-curricular activities. I was hoping to learn of some extra-curricular activities and things that I could do throughout the year, specific to what I want to pursue in order to improve my chances of getting into Oxbridge, things like specific books or videos I can read or watch around maths or physics and other things I can do throughout the year to list on my personal statement and just any general info that could help me with the Oxbridge application process. As well as this I have heard that the jump from GCSE to A-level is quite large and would greatly appreciate any info on how I can quickly adapt to this change e.g. changes in routine or just general advice for A-levels such that I can get the best possible grades I can at A-level. Thanks!
I can only speak about Cambridge Maths but tbh they only really want you to be good at Maths, so just do as much Maths as possible and prepare well for STEP (or MAT for the case of Oxford)
my suggestion is use your free time to explore maths, find concept that particularly enthuse you and read more about it. you can start with ' What is Mathematics ' by Richard Courant, a great maths book that covers a wide range of interesting topics. Oxbridge are looking for students who are passinate about the subject and are willing to spent a great deal of time exploring it.

I had the exact four alevel subjects, math, fm, phy and cs. I would say further maths is the only hard-ish one but nothing you can't cope. cs is a bit tricky if you haven't done any coding before.

Good luck!

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