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Hey guys,

I'm currently in a bit of a sticky situation. NHS Bursary will not class me as independent student despite living away from home with my partner (not married), not getting any form of income from my parents, paying my own bills (rent, gas, electric etc). Due to this, they still base it off my parents income and have forced me to identify as dependent when like I said previously I receive no form of income from my mother, which unlucky for me, her income is quite high, meaning I am not receiving enough to live off of and get all my bills paid and is currently putting me in LOADS of debt.

I can't ask my mother for money, she has her own debts etc to pay off but it seems they don't take it into account. Does anyone know what I can do about this as its really starting to affect my mental health and I'm in continuous financial hardship as I'm getting absolutely no bursary entitlement, only the £1000 non-means tested grant and my course fees paid for and therefore only receive roughly £84 a month to live from as well as my maintenance loan (paid quarterly). £84 a month doesn't seem like a fair deal when I cannot work when on placement (40 hours a week of "learning experience") and therefore cannot afford my bills.

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated :smile:

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