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to remove big stomach

hi i wanted some few exercise that may remove big stomach
you can search for videos on youtube but the thing i recommend most is using a skipping rope. its what helped me alot. also a gym membership is good - have you considered a personal trainer?
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The thing is you cant do a specific exercise to burn fat in a specific area, you can't control where you lose it. Any kind of cardio will help lose fat, the best cardio is the one you most enjoy. If you hate it you won't do it regularly and it wont get you anywhere. I would recommend trying a variety of exercises like: running, dancing, cycling, HIT, ect... And see what you enjoy doing the most. Then eat at a calorie deficit and exercise regularly and in time you'll see results all round not just your stomach. But even so, your stomach holds a lot of important digestive organs so it's always going to be a larger part of your body and thats okay! I know it's hard to ignore societal beauty standards, but your belly is beautiful and helps you function to live your life and experience life's pleasures! When you feel insecure about your stomach think about all it does for you and the beauty in that :3
You've got this !!
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Proper dieting and consistent workout exercise can help you reduce your weight and big stomach..

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