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Ask a BCU Fashion Student!

Hello fashionistas!

I’m Emily and I study BA (Hons) Fashion Design at BCU. I’m currently in my second year, and from designing in the studio, to helping at catwalks, I’ve been able to do it all in my time so far at BCU.

I know there might be a lot of you out there who may be unsure about a degree relating to fashion. Maybe you’ve never studied fashion and textiles before, or you feel you don’t know a lot about where it could take you in the future. But neither did I!

There are lots of areas within fashion and textiles, like fashion design, textile design, branding and communication, and fashion business and promotion, which are all degree subjects here at BCU.

Maybe you love styling and fashion journalism but don’t want to design so maybe branding and communication might be more up your street. Or you love the buying and marketing side of fashion, then fashion business and promotion could be your thing.

If you have any questions about studying fashion, what my timetable looks like, what I get up to at uni, assessments, or anything about the other courses here at BCU, drop a comment below!

There’s also a great video on the BCU website to give you more information about studying fashion and textiles: Fashion Design - BA (Hons) - 2024/25 Entry - School of Fashion and Textiles | Birmingham City University (

Ask away!


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