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Why do I miss him even if he played me?

This guy led me on and played me but I can't help but miss him.
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Because you enjoyed being with him when you didn't know about him playing you?
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Its all about the memories isn't it. thats the reason why even though someone played us or cheated on us, we cant forget them or miss them just because we think about the happy time we had with them. thats how our brain works, we think about the good memories rather than how horrible of a thing they did to us.
Because wimmin luv playaz.
Because you haven't found someone else yet and because rejection sucks.
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It’s possible to like someone even though the don’t feel the same way. There can also be a bit of a thrill with some who is ‘untamed’
Because as the great holy prophet Future said:

“I got a reputation, girl, that don't precede me (yeah)
I'm one call away, whenever you need me (yeah)
I'm on a G5 (yeah), come to the A-Side (yeah)
I got a bad boy persona, that's what they like
You love it, I love it too 'cause you my type
You hold me down and I protect you with my life.”

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