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Is this man genuine?

We broke up a few months ago due to his life suddenly getting difficult and we decided that we will be back together after he gets his life sorted out. But after an argument he blocked me everywhere and everytime i try ending things with him saying i want to move on he says that he’s taking time off to better himself for me and to please wait for him. I recently found out that he posted a profile picture of him and another girl in his car and when i confronted him about it he swore that she was his cousin but when i tried to tell him unblock me and let me follow u he kept beating around the bush saying that “he didn’t receive my request”. I was absolutely done with his nonsense and recently found out that he started following all the girls we unfollowed before we got together. I really don’t understand why he’s acting like this. I wish he could be honest about his intentions but keeps saying that he loves and misses me and that one day he will be back. Please help any tip on how to deal with it?
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He doesn’t sound genuine based off the info you’ve given. He’s got you on a string. Drop him and move on, find someone who actually values you to a point where you don’t find the need to even ask the question.
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Hi! 👋, it sounds like to me you need to decide whether you like him and want to put in any more effort. It does sound like he's pretty ingenuine though 🙃
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Same as on your previous thread; block him, ignore him and move on:
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He knows you're always going to be there regardless... so he can do what he wants.
End it with him, it will be hard because he's a manipulator so he won't leave you alone.
But if he knows you're gone for good, he'll realise what he's lost. But don't go back!
You're a mug if you go back because he's treating you like **** and you deserve so much better.

BUT.... If you do want to go back. Then do exactly what he does. Be laid back. Date other guys as well. (Dating means seeing multiple people... seeing your likes and dislikes. Many people forget/don't know this).
He's obviously playing a game so you can either play it with him which I doubt will end in a good way or just be strong and end it altogether and finally see you're worth much more. I'm sure you know this but I know from personal experience it's hard.. especially when there's strong feelings involved.

Feel like I'm rambling so I'll stop but I hope this helped xxx
The guy's a major jerk off. Don't let him jerk you around with bs. He obviously feels he can mess you around and play the field and keep you waiting for him. Don't feed his already over inflated ego by accepting his bs, he's obviously full of it.

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