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im kind of scared of my friend. i might sound crazy or dramatic saying this and if i do please lmk . so i used to date this person for some time before breaking up with them (lost feelings, bla bla) . we still remained friends, since i had nothing against her at the time. as the weeks went on, she kept making odd remarks and sending weird text. she texted me a picture of my moms social media account and asked if it was my mom. i was super creeped out and asked how she found that out. she claimed to have heard someone say her name when she came to my house. then questioned further, asking how she knew her last name, since i dont share the same last name as my mom. she admitted to that she went went through my following on a music platform to find my brother since she knew his last name. and i was kind of just appalled . i asked why she would do that and she claimed that it was public info and that she had no other hobbies. she also said that she was trying to find my mom on 'indeed'. and from my understanding, is a website where people search for jobs. i asked why the she would need that info and she told me that she thought my mom worked in (occupation here) and she wanted to make sure. wtf???!?! she couldnt have just asked me that?!?! this was months ago so idk if it would be weird to confront her about it now, but shes done various other things, like send me strange messages that she 'meant to put in her notes app' ?!?! pls help! am i crazy????

That does indeed sound quite strange and sort of creepy. Maybe it is harmless but I think you should confront her and let her know that you’re not comfortable with this form of stalking.
She sounds like a creepy baby psycho stalker. Get rid of her, she smells like trouble.
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