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So I passed my driving test first time in July 2022 manual. I'm now insured on my parents automatic car. I didnt drive until Dec 2022 with my uncle at night, and I was rusty. Then I drove with my other uncle May 2023. He said I needed to work on my observation on the left as I was too close to the parked cars. Around July August I started driving with my Dad to local places like Asda, Tesco e.c.t. Im so rusty. One time I was reversing and I got confused so instead of doing full lock reverse I did a 3/4 lock instead and scratched the neighbours car opposite me. Just today I was emerging from a road onto a junction, I misjudged the gap and for some reason thought I would be fasr and make it even though i saw another car coming, luckily he braked and horned. I've been watching youtube videos so I can remember and Ive been improving. I feel like I shouldnt have passed. Its embarassing really.
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You sound like my daughter, she passed her test but still struggles with observation especially at junctions and traffic islands. At the end of the day its just a test for that specific time.

What i would say is that experience starts after you pass. The more driving you do the more confident you get over time. You will do fine just need more practice.

If its really bothering you and you have a confidence crisis, pay for a couple of "just passed" refresher lessons, where you can learn some motorway driving and bolster your confidence. That might be a big help but ultimately its just practice, the more driving the better.

Good luck

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