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Third year resit evidence

I'm currently going through the process of applying to resit my third year of university at Glasgow Caledonian.

I stopped attended most of my seminars and lectures around January due to a sharp decline in my mental health, which I foolishly did not get the help I needed for due to me believing I was just stressed out and needed a small break. It was also during this time I cut contact with my mother due to familial complications that are irrelevant now. My mental health did not improve over the rest of the academic year, but over the summer I started to get the help I needed and now I am in this situation.

I have contacted Cale in regards to this and they're saying I will need to submit evidence to be considered. I'm in the process of getting a diagnoses from the doctor, but I'm severely worried about the timeline not matching up due to me being neglectful. Because I'm an adult I feel like my familial issues are worth mentioning, but I also feel like I should submit a separate word document explaining the entire situation and to put the blank spaces into perspective.

Does anyone have any advice?
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Tell them absolutely everything and submit whatever you need to. The fuller the picture the better the chances.

You are in a tetchy position because you should have told them at the time. What I'd be doing is asking your doctor to write something saying that your anxiety was so bad that you couldn't ask for the help. It's still a bit of a long shot, to be honest.
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Absolutely tell the uni everything.
The decision will be made by a board of academics and **** there. If you throw yourself on their mercy, they will very likely allow you to repeat a year. Things can get tough for people, mental health wise, and the people sitting and deciding if you can resit are people. They will be on your side if you give them all the information they need to help you.
Don't worry too much on this; it won't help.
If you have good reasons to need to repeat/resit, you're very likely to be ok.

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