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Should you sleep after finishing University lectures or study?

So, I've learnt that sleeping is beneficial for the brain in removing a toxic protein 'beta-amyloid' and that it provides the student to re-call what they've learnt better and etc. However, should I sleep straight after University or study to re-cap everything I've learnt?
Hi there,

Sleep is extremely important for the brain to function at it's best. Lack of such can have detrimental effects and you may struggle to work efficiently.

However, I wouldn't recommend forcing yourself to sleep. You should work when is best for you. If you finish a lecture and feel productive then i would recommend going over what you have learnt in order to ensure you understand it properly. If you finish and are feeling exhausted then there's nothing wrong with taking a rest first and then reviewing the work later on in the day or week.

There is no right way or wrong way, just your way. As long as you are getting a healthy amount of sleep, reviewing your work when you can and keeping up without putting too much stress on yourself then you'll be just fine.

Hope this helped,
- Sophie (uni of Bath)

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