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Year 3/4 class working at EYFS

I really need help. Our SEMH high school has just opened a primary school starting at year 3. I am the advanced behaviour lead and I am going to be taking over one of the Yr 3/4 classes (mixed age groups) due to the teacher going on maternity leave.

Since they started at the start of September we have not done a lesson yet. A lot of them have ACE's, a range of diagnosis and some have never actually attended school. We only have classes of 8, however even this has been too challenging and we have had to split the class to 4 students in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Yesterday was our first day without a fight

My question is what can I do to help settle the class? None of them are ready for learning so regulation is our biggest goal. We have scrapped the curriculum and are trying to do a lot of play based exploration however fights and dysregulation are still happening.
Does anyone have any tips to settle highly anxious, fight or flight children? Any sensory activities, regulation activities? I think we are going to try and set up the classroom to be like an EYFS class however not much can be out as they throw and use things as weapons. They have their own MP3 players set up and sensory baskets on their tables for regulation strategies. I just need activities to get us through the day regulated, showing kindness, nice feet and nice hands.

Please help.

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