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What should I pick as my 5th UCAS option (I'm applying for medicine)?

Hi, so I'm applying for medicine this year (I'm applying to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and St Andrews), but I'm really not sure what to put as my 5th option on UCAS. One last of medicine that really appeals to me is working with actual real people instead of in a lab, so I was going to put Nursing as my 5th option, as I thought that would be the next best thing if I don't get into medicine. But my friend has kind of put me off of Nursing, as they are quite overworked and don't get paid that well, whereas doctors still work long, hard hours but earn quite a bit more money. I'm also just not sure if it would be sensible or good to apply to nursing?? Idk. I know lots of people but biomedical sciences as their 5th option, but I've read up on it and I'm not sure if it's appealing to me. I also wasn't sure if I was that interested in working in a lab or not working with actual people. However, I was looking at different degrees and I seen Human Biology, which I thought looked quite interesting. I seen you can go into teaching with it, and that has been something I've thought about and I think I would like. I am really interested in the biology of humans (obviously, I'm trying to do medicine), and I really enjoyed my human biology higher. I just really don't know what to do. I want to be able to get a good job from whatever degree I end up doing, and be making a good enough amount of money. I'm just really unsure on what to do. If anyone who applied for medicine and didn't get in and did their 5th option, what did you do? Are you glad you ended up doing it? What are your career prospects like? (Also, a condition on my 5th option is that it has to be at a uni in Glasgow( preferably the University of Glasgow but it doenst have to be)) Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!
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I was also thinking of psychology, but idk if I'm even interested in that. I'm not sure if I should apply for another allied health profession course or something else biology related. I'm just so stuck :frown:

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